Just4Play - Gouritsmond Fishing Charters

Just4Play Fishing Charters is the best deap sea fishing charter in Gouritsmond, situated between Stillbay and Mosselbay. Just4Play Fishing charters is founded by Org Nieuwoudt - skipper with 5 years of commercial fishing experience and 10 years fishing charters experience. Org has over 10 000 hours of skipping experience and knows every trick in the book when it comes to fishing in Gouritsmond.

Gouritsmond is famous for its large cob, however other main fish species targeted are hake, poenskop, yellow tail, skipjack, tuna and bottom fish like red romans and rockords. Best fishing months are from October to April. Average weight of cob is between 8 to 15 Kg, but catches of 40 Kg and higher during the year are often encountered. Org believes firmly in tag and release to preserve our rare fish species. Only trophy photos may be taken of a rare catch like a Poensie. Other more common fish species are allowed to be kept, like the Cob if its the right size.

Gouritsmond is also famous for its dangerous river mouth. The slipway is located in the Gourits river, boats launch in the river, followed by a super addrenaline rush when going through the surf in the river mouth. Safety is the number one priority, life jackets will be included and is mandatory when going through the river mouth. Org knows this river mouth like the back of his hand, he knows patients is the key and will never take chanses with the river mouth, even when the surf is small. Org uses his own technique developed over the years to get his clients safely through the river mouth.

Fishing tackle and bait will be included with a charter but if you wish you may bring your own gear. You must bring your own food, beverages, hats and warm jackets.

Tag & Release

Tag and release of rare fish species is mandatory. Only trophy photos may be taken. Common fish species like silver cob and others are allowed to be kept if its size is legal.


Fishing gear, tackle and bait will be provided. You are also welcome to bring your own gear, tackle and bait.


R800 - R850 per person, minimum of three persons per charter.

Citizen Scientist

Just4Play Fishing Charters takes great pride in researching and preserving rare fish species.

Large Poensie

This fish was +- 19 Kg and was proudly released.


Charters are provided in an 18 feet Invader Cat named Roque. This vesel is best suited for surf launching in Gouritsmond.

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